Attracted by a fascination for intense color palettes, I gave myself entirely to the pull of their luminosity and emotional impact... thus becoming theDotRod. 

Early on my studies to become a web and media designer, I dealt with color theory, color compositions and color psychology. This passion is unbroken to this day. In addition, there was a great interest in image composition, which I developed as part of an apprenticeship as a free drawing artist.

A P P R O A C H  &  T E C H N I Q U E

Now, I became capable or incorporating both of these areas of interest into my digital picture series (since 2018), which combine scenic picture compositions with intensive color palettes and a good portion of abstraction in watercolor style

The abstraction should create tension. The figurative representation is subordinate to the mood of the picture and is intended to stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

Black isn't a color? Isn't black more than the absence of color? 

Scientifically, black is the absence of light. The opposite is the case for me: I tend to see incredible power and depth in it; "Nothing stimulates the imagination in pictures as much as the mysterious and unfathomable black." 

This perspective is also the source of inspiration for the "Dark Matters" series of pictures. I am working as a web and media designer, webmaster and blogger based in the three-river city of Passau since 2013. I pursue my artistic passion in part time.

In addition to the intensive use of color, my current works are dedicated above all to the balance between abstract elements and realistic forms, which, when mixed together, create a multi-layered and vibrant world of captured moments. 

C R E A T I O N  A S  A  S E L F - T H E R A P E U T I C  J O U R N E Y

Shaken by strokes of fate and psychological crises, I had to creatively adjust the course of my life many times. 

The creation of art has fueled a process that I call the journey to myself. It aids me in connecting emotionally on a deeply subconscious level with many aspects of my life (good and bad). Allowing me to center my mind and connect with different parts of my soul.

Much of this becomes visible in my paintings, in one form or another.

S O U R C E S  O F  I N S P I R A T I O N

I find inspiration in every moment of life and try to show that the inconspicuous, fleeting and often overlooked moments deserve to be shown and unfold their very own unrepeatable beauty.

As an art blogger and publicist, I am very dedicated to study other artists, their approaches, techniques, unique traits and core statements they transport via their artwork. I love to be exposed to completely different fields of artful creation and ever open to new stimulus.

I am currently living in Passau and also find inspiration while traveling as well as in the virtual expanses of the internet.

I enjoy attending art classes, open studio afternoons and workshops with other artists. In addition, I refine my techniques and skills through online courses.